Saturday, April 5, 2014

Face Stencil Tutorial

I made this tutorial for my Paper Traders group
where I shared it at our group blog this week.
Re-posting it here for y'all.

Well , Julie Fei Fan Balzer has done it again.
She has come out with a line of face stencils
for those of us who LOVE her art journal pages
and wish we could just draw those darn faces.

So, I thought what about making my own face stencil?
But wait, I can't draw faces.
So you see the dilemma.

What if I found a magazine image of a face and
used it as a template to create a stencil?
Now we are on to something.

I found this image from a local magazine/newspaper.
I tore it out and then using a black sharpie,
I traced over the prominent lines I wanted
to feature in the stencil;
hair lines, eyes, nose, mouth, etc.
You can see that I left out the arm and
just drew hair strands across it.

I then laid my clear mylar over the image
and retraced over those lines with the sharpie.

Next cut out those shapes/lines with
a sharp x-acto knife.

Lay out the stencil on the already prepared background
of your art journal page. I used a make-up sponge
and dabbed black ink into the spaces
(Colorbox archival pigment).

Went back with a brush tip Pitt pen to fill in
the line gaps from the stencil.
I also went in and thickened some lines and
added some more hair curls.

I started to shade the highlights and lowlights
of her face. Looking back at the magazine image
will help you here to see light and dark areas.

All that's left is to add your text and any
embellishments you might want.

You can even take that same stencil,
flip it over and just fill in a few basic lines from
the stencil, just to get the shape of the face
and placement of the eyes and nose.
 I then went in and added a different mouth,
accented the eyes and really changed the hair.
A completely different girl.

How fun and easy is that?


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

WOYWDW #251 - Rolodex

Hey, Friends!
Time for another round of
WOYWDW's over at Stamping-Ground blog.

So excited about my recent purchase, there on 
the left, a wooden rolodex.

I have decided that this is going to be my art journal.
I love art journals!
But the Muse hates them.
They absolutely stymie her.
I'm talking total creative block 80% of the time.

I've tried going from a two page spread to one page.
I've tried preparing several backgrounds ahead of time.
I've tried word prompts from blogging challenges.

Nothing. Happens. Most. Of. The. Time.

So, I decided to really shrink the "canvas"
and be more about the thought I want to capture
and less about the art technique.

I thought about painting and embellishing the wooden case
but decided against it.
 I like the clean lines against the soon to be colorful inserts.

A jot: 
verb 1. write (something) quickly.
noun 1. a very small amount.
A tittle:
noun 1. a tiny amount or part of something.

I think the name fits perfectly.

Some quick backgrounds.

My first entry; my favorite scripture verse / life verse:
Philipians 4:8
Finally, brethren, whatever is true,
 whatever is honorable, whatever is just,
 whatever is pure, whatever is lovely,
 whatever is gracious, if there is any excellence,
 if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.

It's okay to realize that a particular art medium is
just not your thing, 
even when it's the rage.



Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Hey, Friends!

Join the weekly desk snoop/blog stalk at Stamping Ground

Well, I have ventured into a new craft area
and I think I have found my home.

I've always dabbled in a little bit of this and that;
loving paper arts, collage, mixed media.
But, my first creative forays were more
fiber/fabric oriented; quilts, crocheting, embroidery.

I think I have found a heavenly mix of the both.
Needle Felting.

You create designs by pushing bits of wool
roving into your background material (felt here)
 with a sharp barbed needle.
Or could it be therapy to stab something repeatedly?
(Don't tell anyone I said that.)

I saw this for the first time a few years
ago on a blog from one of our Paper Traders
members but then saw a post by Trisha Too
recently that really got me interested.
I asked her where she got her supplies and
she said ebay, so off I went to buy a
beginners kit.

Just love all those little puffs of colored wool !

My first completed project, an ATC sized little design.
I will probably back it with cardboard and use it
for our monthly Winner Take All challenge
 at Paper Traders.

I might go back and add some beads here and there.

I'm not giving up on paper in any way but I love
the creative burst that needle felting has given me.



Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I'm not really a purple person but......

you wouldn't know it based on the last
four ATC's I've just made.

I have been using up some Gelli Plate deli paper
prints that I made a few weeks ago.
I just happened to print a few sheets
in purples, greens and blues and
was happy with the designs.

One of my favorite Love stamps.
I have really been into adding
embroidered touches lately.
Fabric, thread and yarn were
my first crafting obsessions.
Seem to be going back to that;
full circle as they say.

An ATC for our  monthly Winner Take All
over at Paper Traders.

For our Color Harmony - Analogous color swap,
again over at Paper Traders.
Analogous colors are 2-3 colors next to each
other on the color wheel:
Blue, blue violet, violet.
Which way do you like it better,
horizontal or vertical?

Take care, Friends.


Saturday, March 1, 2014

100 Happy Days

Ali Manning from Vintage Page Designs
posted this on her facebook page and
I thought, "what a fun idea".
After a very stressful 2013
and lots of unhappiness,
I was ready to start focusing on

On day 3, I was happy that I have the time
and my own studio (say spare bedroom)
 to piddle with my art/crafts.

I used a stencil and some gesso
to create some texture on the tag 
after first using some spray inks in
green and blue on it.

This tag was made for our "Lucky You"
swap over at Paper Traders. 
I am linking to my old friends at Tuesday Taggers
for their handwritten challenge.

Then I made a bookmark for my
niece who is going to France this summer
on a missions trip with the leftover
"accident paper" from spraying the tags.
Added a bit of purple here.
I love how this turned out and thought
to keep it myself, terrible me.
But, my good intentions prevailed
and I mailed it off today.
Any of you ever feel that way?

Some of my other happy days:
Watching my youngest play tenors.
See his big smile?
Love it!

My SWEET dog, Summit.
See his big smile , too?

Blessings, everyone.

Friday, February 14, 2014

A Valentine RAK

Hey, Friends.

Well, if you have been following along this week
you know that Ice Storm Pax
 just passed through the Southern US
 and we have survived.
Going to venture out today and see if the roads are passable.
 I really need to get to the grocery store as 
we've been housebound since Tuesday.
The sweet Hubs is going to drive me just in case.

It was a really nice creative time though.
I got some cards done, worked a little bit
on some crocheting projects and I made
this little mini heart collage/quilt......


Yup, a little Valentine RAK.
(It's 7.5"x10 3/4" or 19mm x 28mm)
It has two embroidered loops on the back for hanging.

Just leave me a comment below
(with a way to contact you)
and on Monday I will randomly pick
a winner and announce it Monday night.
I'm happy to mail internationally, too.
(one entry only per person, please)

UPDATE 2/16/14: The winner is Connie Holso.:)
Congrats and it will go out in the mail this week.

The heart is made from a baby wipe that
I used to clean my Gelli Plate. 
The happy accident was the pulled threads
from the fraying the fabric edges.
I was just tossing them on top of the dry wipe
and thought, "WOW, that looks cool !"
So, I glued them down with gel medium.
The stamp was from Mel D. of my Paper Traders Group.
Just love it and its from Crafty Individuals.
Thanks, Mel.

Found the heart pin in my stash and
the heart is made of little embroidered french knots.
The vintage lace was found here in town 
at a wonderful little antique place.

Happy Love Day, Everyone.
I hope you are warm, safe and loved today.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

An Unexpected WOYWDW #245

Hey, Friends !

Well, I really thought I wouldn't have any
electricity by now but I am thankful that we do.
South and west of us, they already have
substantial power outages due to Ice Storm Pax.
It's been snowing and sleeting for over 6+ hours.
Praying that the Frozen rain will pass us.

So, I thought I would go ahead and link up to
this weeks WOYWDW as I am
working on Valentine's cards during the storm.
Cutting it a little close this year.
Guess I am going to have to hand deliver these
this year.

 Can you see all the white out of my window?

Everything is actually pretty neat this week as
I just moved everything back in after new
carpet was installed on Monday and Tuesday.
Now, that was a pain getting everything out!
But, I did use it as an opportunity to "unhoard"
myself of some things.
I have my cheat sheets of card sketches on my desk.
(the green paper).
 I have about 100 different card sketches in that folder.
I'm not a great card maker so it helps a lot
to jump start the creativity.
It was a download from an online class I took.

I made some Gelli Plate prints in pink,red and pearl white
paint with some hand cut stencils. 
The hearts were a purchased stencil.

Printed these on deli paper.
 Had not tried that before but Julie FFB uses this method
for making prints to layer in her journals and mixed media pieces.
 I will have to see how it looks in my journal.
Anyone else tried this?

One of the finished cards.
Love that little typewriter stamp with "be mine" on the paper.
I don't have a ton of Valentine stamps
but enough to make a good go of it this afternoon.

Have a wonderful LOVE day on Friday.
And if you are in the south US stay warm and safe.


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